On My Radar: The Power of Habit, Girl Meets World, Hair Full of Secrets

This week I read The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg. I’m fascinated by several points made in the book about ordinary people making over their routines and the corporate culture at successful companies like Starbucks. Here’s an interesting article along that avenue about the schedules of some of the world’s most successful people. Honore de Balzac consumed 50 cups of coffee per day! [The Huffington Post]

GIRL MEETS WORLD is happening! See the cast photo. [People.com]

This article discussed the merits of spite. Spite is good. Spite works. (except when you’re Jerry Seinfeld) [The New York Times]

Finally, someone has busted out the interpretation chart for what people really mean when they sign an email. [Buzzfeed]

That’s why her hair is so big, it’s full of secrets! [Stella and Bow] – PS follow my Mean Girls Everything Pinterest board!



Links: shopping at Chanel in sweatpants, background noise, Kate White, Kelly Cutrone and chick flicks

I’m testing out a new feature – five stories that caught my eye this week. Let me know what you think!

Author and former Cosmo editor Kate White (whose book, I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This, I recommend) tells’ AOL’s Olivia Oshry that she started by writing 15 minutes a day [AOL Advertising]

Fashionista contributor Stephanie Trong tested the Harvard Business School research that found that casually-dressed customers get better service in high-end stores. I feel like this experiment would have been more successful with Lululemon over Hanes. [Fashionista]

Outspoken power publicist Kelly Cutrone is getting her own talk show, “The Kelly Cutrone Project,” on CW Seed! [WWD]

Lily Herman reports that this coffee shop background noise from Coffitivity helps people who work from home get in the zone. [The Muse]

And a little shameless self-promotion: I made a list of my 10 favorite chick flicks. [The Kimberly Diaries on Tumblr]

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Links of the Week: Cosmopolitan.com, Mean Girls, L’Wren Scott, Blake Lively, and Those Pesky Subway Alarms

I’m testing out a new feature – five stories that caught my eye this week. Let me know what you think!

1. Amy Odell and the Great Media Race – by Debra Scherer, Business of Fashion

Business of Fashion interviews Cosmopolitan.com‘s Amy Odell on her career and her vision for the site.  It’s interesting to see how print publications and online-only brands approach web content differently. I remember when Amy was at The Cut it always had the most cutting edge and juiciest stories in fashion, and I love what she’s done with Cosmo’s website. There are “listicles” but I always find them relatable and shareable.

2. Blake Lively Returns to the Spotlight by April Long, Elle

I’m more excited to see Blake Lively on the cover of Elle than I am to see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the cover of Vogue, #sorrynotsorry. The primary reason for this is my obsession/girl crush on Blake and admiration for her style. I’m also wondering if she’s doing this cover to promote her as-of-yet-nebulous lifestyle company. I’m not a GOOP kind of gal and I’ve always found Blake’s interviews about cooking/baking/homemaking to be a bit unusual, but still. (Tell us more about wearing Gucci/being BFFs with Christian Louboutin and less about your new oven, please!) I’m curious.

3. The Ultimate Mean Girls Trivia Quiz by Kara McGrath, Seventeen

I’m ashamed of myself for scoring an imperfect 19 out of 20 on this quiz, as I am probably one of the world’s leading Mean Girls enthusiasts. I’m not even exaggerating. (see: My Regina George Halloween costume, on my Mean Girls Everthing board on Pinterest).

4. Scott’s suicide reveals tragic side of of city’s glizty scene – by Maureen Callahan, The New York Post

As someone who has had her fair share of financial struggles, I appreciated this piece on the darker side of portraying a glamorous lifestyle in the New York City fashion scene.

5. ‘Subway Alarm’ – by Ken Webb, The New York Times

Thunderous applause goes out to this NY op-ed, which points out how pointless, irritating, and dangerous the alarms that sound when NYC subway “emergency exit” doors are used. I hope the MTA does something about them after reading this. As someone who takes the subway daily, I can attest that those alarms are THE ACTUAL WORST and I’m surprised that nothing has been done about them sooner. Touché, Ken, touché.

What’s on your radar this week?