Link Roundup: Ivanka Trump, Britain’s Vainest Man, Jessica Alba in Glamour


image via Ivanka Trump Facebook page

Ivanka Trump was interviewed for Julia Restoin-Roitfeld’s blog, Romy and the Bunnies, about her style, motherhood and her hectic schedule. She describes her daughter Arabella’s style as “all things pink and princess.” Sounds like my kind of girl! [Romy and the Bunnies]

Matt Dunford claims he is Britain’s Vainest Man. Spencer Pratt, is that you? Reading his interview did make me think about how an investment in one’s appearance can be beneficial for career prospects, but he takes this concept a bit too far for my taste. He’s kind of like the British version of the guys from Jersey Shore… proof that an unappealing personality can counteract good looks. [Daily Mail]

Jessica Alba talked to Glamour about balancing her work as President & Founder of The Honest Company with shooting movies and being a wife and mother. We find out that her mentor is Tory Burch. I liked this quote: “I never thought I was smart or good enough. I was scared of calling myself artistic because I thought I fell short of what it meant. And you know what? I’m not the dumbest person in the room. I’m not the smartest, and I’m OK with that. I feel like I’m smart, and I feel like I’m an artist.” [Glamour]





Sophie Kinsella Announces New Shopaholic Book, Shopaholic to the Stars


Image: Sophie Kinsella

When I attended Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic & Baby signing in New York a few years ago, she hinted that she might write another Becky Bloomwood book after her next standalone (Wedding Night). At the end of Shopaholic & Baby, it is either suggested or confirmed (I can’t remember, I read the book a few years ago!) that Luke has to move to Hollywood for a year for work. Sophie just posted on Facebook about SHOPAHOLIC TO THE STARS, so it’s true! The book will be out on October 21, 2014.


New Princess Diaries Books Coming, Mia Thermopolis Fans Rejoice



The Princess Diaries (novel)

Author Meg Cabot revealed exclusively to The Wall Street Journal that she’ll be releasing two new Princess Diaries books in 2015. One is a middle-grade title featuring Mia’s long-lost half sister, and one will be an adult title focusing on Mia herself.

Ms. Cabot began working on “The Princess Diaries” spinoffs when she was in France last fall, on a yearlong sabbatical from writing that clearly didn’t stick. Since she had sworn off writing, she started sketching horses and other animals to amuse herself. Then, she saw a few news stories about Prince Albert of Monaco and the children he’s had out of wedlock, and imagined a scenario where Mia’s biracial half-sister, Olivia, is discovered. She decided to incorporate the drawings into Olivia’s notebook.

Read the full article here.






Link Roundup: The Olsen twins, Grace Coddington’s Lunch with the FT, Work BFFs, and Asking for a Mentor

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English: Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen atte...

The Olsen twins appeared on Ellen to promote their new perfume. They cannot tell each other apart as babies. []

Also, see the inside of the new apartment Mary-Kate just purchased with Olivier Sarkozy in Midtown. It has its own garage. [Harper's Bazaar]

Grace Coddington had lunch with the FT’s Vanessa Friedman. North West did not cry once during the Kimye photoshoot. [Financial Times]

Lilit Marcus helps navigate the work-BFF relationship. Tip: honesty is key. [Teen Vogue]

In a relatively short blog post, Tucker Max explains the right and wrong way to ask for advice/a job/a mentor. Reading these sample emails will give you a good idea of how to (or how to not) ask for something from a person you admire. One got a response, one didn’t. []