I Met Some Guys Online And… It Was Weird

Between Catfish, Tinder and the incessant TV commercials for, it feels like the Internet is the place tons of people are meeting potential dates. When I tell someone I’m single, a common response is, “Have you tried online dating? (Random person I know) met her boyfriend online!” The answer to that is that yes, I have tried online dating. I met a few guys online and it was actually really weird.

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I Didn’t Have My First Kiss Until I Was 17

I used to dread when someone announced that it was time to play Truth or Dare at a party. Almost every time, girls get asked the same question: What have you done with a guy? How far have you gone? I didn’t want to admit my shameful secret: that, at 17-years-old, I had not been to second base, or even first base, or even hit a foul ball. I had never kissed a guy.

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On The 5 Craziest Things I’ve Done To Get A Guy To Like Me

When I started high school, there were so many clubs and sports to join that it got a little overwhelming. I hadn’t totally figured out what my interests were, but I knew that I was definitely interested in boys.

Remember that episode of Lizzie McGuire when Lizzie pretends to like all the things Ethan Craft likes so that he’ll finally fall for her? She even temporarily takes up golf. I could totally relate, because I’ve done that… more than once. I thought that liking and participating in the things that my crushes liked would help mold me into the “perfect girl” for them. Want to hear how it went? Here are the 5 craziest things I’ve done to get a guy to like me.

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Kimberly’s burn book public nail clipping

Kimberly’s Burn Book: Public Nail Clipping

Welcome to Kimberly’s Burn Book, a feature in which I write about things that I would put in a physical burn book, were I to have a physical burn book.

Once in a while I read an offhanded blog comment or magazine article that says that men don’t like to see women put on makeup in public. And to that I say: LOL, because on multiple occasions, I have seen and (ACK!) heard men clipping their nails in the office and on the train. In what universe is this acceptable? Nail clipping is a grooming activity that should only take place in the privacy of your home (preferably in your bathroom) so the clippings don’t fly everywhere.

It’s even weirder when no one confronts the public nail clipper, although as soon as I hear that awful clipping sound and realize that, yes, someone is clipping his or her nails in public, I secretly, desperately wish for someone with less of a filter than I have to get up and loudly scold this disgusting, unacceptable behavior, and perhaps ask if the clipper was raised by savages.

And yet… it’s never happened.

So, from the safety of my computer, I’m putting it out there: Don’t clip your nails in public!

Photo: Gothamist