Link Roundup: A Makeup Experiment, An Amazing Catfish Moment, White Plains’ Unique Personality

Link Roundup

Nev Schulman and Kidd Cole cell phone

Fun fact: Bestselling author Sloane Crosley and I are both from White Plains, New York! In this essay, she talks about the city’s “unique personality”: “The pizza on Mamaroneck Avenue, the castle-like middle school, the Irish pubs, the strange mix of housing projects and massive private homes, the multiple malls, the golf courses we used to sneak onto, the student parking lots we used to sneak out of…it was all specific to us.” Second fun fact: no one I met at college thought it was normal for a high school to have security guards. [Westchester Magazine]

College student Brinton Parker did an experiment with makeup by recording how people responded to her while barefaced, wearing natural makeup, and wearing heavy makeup while going about her daily routine. The results weren’t surprising, but I’m glad someone has finally un-scientifically documented this and proved that my perceptions of being treated differently with more makeup on are not just in my head. [Bustle]

On last week’s Catfish, Nev and Max track down a scam artist named Kidd Cole, and he blows them off by pretending to text on his phone. In the most amazing moment of reality TV ever, Nev takes the phone and tosses it over the bridge and into the water, and audiences everywhere, if they’re anything like me, picked our jaws up off the floor and applauded. How is this guy even paying for a cell phone plan? [Tumblr]


This little girl asked for donations to the animal shelter instead of birthday gifts! So sweet. [New Rochelle Humane Society Facebook Page]


What Kate From Lizzie McGuire Taught Me About Friendship

Fashion, Friendship, Life as a twentysomething

Kate Sanders. Bra wearer. Deliverer of epic one-line burns. Noticer of repeated outfits. Diva.


Lots of girls have a friendship like Lizzie and Kate’s: one that goes sour when one person becomes “cool” and one… doesn’t. But when Miranda, Gordo and Lizzie get into a three-way fight, it’s Kate who dishes up the advice that reunites them. Although, to be fair, it was only because Kate was paired up with Gordo on a school project that she spoke to him.

“OK, if you ever repeat this I will D-E-N-Y-deny, but you kind of have something I want. I may be the most popular girl in the universe – actually I am – but I don’t have friends like Lizzie and Miranda… Gordo, friends like those are harder to find than jeans that fit right!”

And, as anyone who has ever tried on pair after pair of jeans and still not found the right pair can attest, she’s right.

If you’ve read my Huffington Post piece, “How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life,” you know that I’m not afraid to end a friendship when necessary. But it’s difficult and stressful, especially when you know how hard it can be to find someone who gets you, who shares the same interests, who you want to spend time with.

It was this fear that kept me from ending another friendship, or even speaking up when the friend did things that upset me, for a long time. I think it came down to being afraid of picking a fight. I’ve been in fights with two of my closest friends. One fight resulted in us not speaking for three years, and the other for several months. Thankfully, I made up with both friends, even though I was prepared to accept that I might not.

I accept that a large part of the blame for this most recent unfriending is mine. For not wanting to ruin a weekend visit by complaining when the friend left me to wait for an hour at the train station in the summer heat. For not wanting to sound ungrateful for a birthday gift by pointing out that the “Juicy Couture” necklace thrown in a shopping bag wasn’t real. For not wanting to seem argumentative when the friend invited two boys over and hooked up with both of them. For the sake of the friendship, I had let all of these things slide.

I told myself that we were growing apart, entering different phases of life, facing our own challenges, and that was okay. I forgave, but I didn’t forget. And slowly, my grievances started to chip away at the foundation of a friendship I once thought was unshakable. And, probably because I never said anything, the slights grew worse with time. A missed birthday party. Canceled plans. Until finally, I stopped making up excuses for my friend.

After weeks of promises, a cheap Christmas gift arrived in mid-January, several weeks after I had sent a nice one. I polled everyone I knew to make sure I wasn’t crazy for being annoyed. Even the three wise men managed to make it to Bethlehem by January 6th. I said it was about the gift, but it wasn’t. It was the message behind it that I had already gotten, over and over, that I didn’t matter. And that’s pretty much what I said, which, as you can imagine, didn’t go over too well.

Recently, author Jean Hanff Korelitz published a piece about ending a nearly 30-year friendship, and how painful it was, and reading it assured me that I made the right decision.

“Sometimes, old friends and family members ask me if I miss Molly, and the answer is yes, I miss her very much. But I don’t miss the friendship. I don’t miss the friendship at all.”

Luckily, my life is far from a series of dramatic un-friendings. Over the past year or so, the gap in my metaphorical Top 8 has been filled with two fantastic new friends. It’s easier to develop new friendships when you aren’t putting effort into the one-sided ones. Last year, one of my new friends took me out to lunch for my birthday, and I remember thinking that this lunch, this hour spent hanging out and laughing, was the best gift.

Like jeans that fit right.


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English: Juicy Couture at 640 Fifth Avenue, Ne...

English: Juicy Couture at 640 Fifth Avenue, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Juicy Couture‘s flagship store on Fifth Avenue is closing any day. I remember being so excited when it opened because I was working just two blocks away. The pink, the sparkles, the perfume could lift my mood after a long workday. ….Anywho, the company has been sold several times and the products are now going to be sold exclusively at Kohl’s. If someone had told me ten years ago that Juicy Couture, which once ruled almost the entire YES sportswear section of Bloomingdale’s, would fall out of favor, I wouldn’t have believed them. I wore Juicy in high school and college, and when I started working I still bought their shoes and polished outerwear. I still can’t find better upscale hair ties. I remember reading a survey a few months ago that teenagers today prefer “athleisure” wear, like Lululemon pants, over jeans, but I think that’s a really saturated market, and Victoria’s Secret PINK seems to have taken away a lot of Juicy’s business. It feels like the end of an era. [Racked] Also check out this longer BoF story by Lauren Sherman, The Fall of the House of Juicy, and The Glitter Plan, coming out next week, by the founders of Juicy Couture.

Harper’s Bazaar‘s 24 Hours feature is by far the most interesting fashion magazine franchise. It gives us an inside look into the lives of fashion heavyweights and I always find it fascinating. In this edition, we spend the day with Nicola Formichetti, creative director of Diesel, and he has some interesting quirks. He found some of his team on Instagram or Tumblr, and has no rules except no one is allowed to eat apples in his office because he hates the sound. [Harper's Bazaar]

Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger are best friends and a real-life Jungle Book! After reading about the horrible abuse and death of a cat named Quattro in New Jersey by the hands of elementary school children, I love to see a happy story about animals – and the pictures are so sweet! [Daily Mail]


Link Roundup: Ivanka Trump, Britain’s Vainest Man, Jessica Alba in Glamour


image via Ivanka Trump Facebook page

Ivanka Trump was interviewed for Julia Restoin-Roitfeld’s blog, Romy and the Bunnies, about her style, motherhood and her hectic schedule. She describes her daughter Arabella’s style as “all things pink and princess.” Sounds like my kind of girl! [Romy and the Bunnies]

Matt Dunford claims he is Britain’s Vainest Man. Spencer Pratt, is that you? Reading his interview did make me think about how an investment in one’s appearance can be beneficial for career prospects, but he takes this concept a bit too far for my taste. He’s kind of like the British version of the guys from Jersey Shore… proof that an unappealing personality can counteract good looks. [Daily Mail]

Jessica Alba talked to Glamour about balancing her work as President & Founder of The Honest Company with shooting movies and being a wife and mother. We find out that her mentor is Tory Burch. I liked this quote: “I never thought I was smart or good enough. I was scared of calling myself artistic because I thought I fell short of what it meant. And you know what? I’m not the dumbest person in the room. I’m not the smartest, and I’m OK with that. I feel like I’m smart, and I feel like I’m an artist.” [Glamour]