The Lacquer Index: Why Nail Polish is Kind of a Big Deal

There’s a reason I don’t blog about fashion on a daily basis anymore. I’m broke. I don’t blog about money every day anymore either. I did for about a year. I’m kind of over it.

The New York Times today declared nail polish a “recession-proof cosmetic enhancer.” It’s something you can buy from a major prestige brand like YSL or Chanel. It’s a way to change up your look without spending a lot. It’s a way to participate in fashion trends and stay current without having to re-work your entire wardrobe. I’m all over that.

I’m not into freaky nail art, airbrushed pictures, stick-on gems or even growing my nails remotely long. It’s impossible to get anything done at work or even open a can of soda when I have long nails. In addition to its affordability, I love nail polish because I love experimenting with color and different color combinations. I did an art concentration in college and my favorite medium was pastel. For one project I had to look up a professional artist and imitate one of their pieces. I found Lou Wall’s work on the internet and fell in love with his gorgeous and vibrant landscape pictures. In my everyday life, I’m drawn to vibrant colors over neutral ones, but even I have experimented with neutral nail polishes and had a “greige moment.”

Following nail polish trends is easy, fun and doesn’t cost a lot. Until I can afford to really revamp my wardrobe, the Sally Hansen section of CVS it is.



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