Nothing Tells Your Neighbors “I’m Normal” Quite Like a Delivery from

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My friend Brian’s life might be a musical, but I like to think of my life as a comedy full of awkward moments. In my case, fawkward moments. Like that time I complained about the price increase on cat food at CVS and received special permission to buy it at a lower price.  Or that time at sleepaway camp when I was strutting by the boys’ table in the caf… and slipped and fell (damn you, platform J. Crew flip-flops!)

I’ve been buying some of my household staples from for a few months and I’m happy with how easy it is to get things, especially heavy things like a 34 pound box of cat litter, delivered to my door the next day. On the flip side, I don’t have a doorman, so when I get a package it usually sits by the mailboxes until I get home. When you shop at you can shop from across their multiple sites – two of which are, which sells pet supplies, and, which sells baby supplies.

The first time I placed an order from wag, I ordered a few boxes of cat litter and they arrived in one gigantic box. I’m trying to keep a low profile as a cat owner in my building and a box large enough to hold ten cat carriers is certainly not helping me with that – especially since I had class after work that night, leaving the package out for hours. Last night I ordered a few things from across the different sites and part of my order came in a big box. Nothing tells your neighbors “I’m normal” quite like a big box of alleged diapers.

I just like the smell of baby lotion! I also use kids’ hair detangler and the occasional baby wipe.

Thankfully, or not thankfully, I was making cookies last night and ate too much of the dough, vomited, and stayed home sick today, so I was able to take the package in myself.

Crisis averted.


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