Plus-Sized Pets Need Love Too

Dots at the shelter

The story of Meow, the 39-pound shelter cat abandoned by his owner and soon to be available for adoption in New Mexico, is making the rounds on the news this week. Multiple people sent it to me because they know I love fat cats and because Meow looks just like my cat, Dots.  While dozens of people applied to adopt the chubby homeless cat Prince Chunk in 2008, the reality is much bleaker for plus-sized pets in shelters.

I had been volunteering with Anjellicle Cats Rescue for a few months when I came across Milo in 2009. I had come to the rescue group’s small shelter to pick up a cat when I felt something soft rub against my leg and looked down to see a chubby white cat at my feet, and I couldn’t help but take him home. Milo was the most mellow, relaxed and affectionate cat I had ever come across. He had been rejected by the woman who had previously agreed to foster him because he “looked unhealthy.” He purred me to sleep every night and after a few weeks I was able to find him a loving home.

There’s no scientific formula that proves that fat cats are more mellow and affectionate than regular cats, but in my experience it’s true. After Milo was adopted, I fostered several more sweet, chubby cats. A fellow volunteer forwarded me this plea from the NYC ACC shelter staff:

Why doesn’t anyone want this chubby white/orange boy?!?!?!?!
Dots is so cute and cuddly, and starting to get VERY DEPRESSED from being at the shelter for SO LONG

Please, please, please, save DOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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