We Used To Be Friends: Five Reasons Why Veronica Mars Should Return to TV

Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
1. There are not enough smart, savvy, mystery-solving women on TV. The Kardashians just signed a 40 million dollar deal with E! for three more years of their show. I think we can get some marketing gurus together and figure out how to make Veronica happen.
2. Logan Echolls.
Also, the unspoken long-distance romantic tension between Veronica and Duncan Kane, living in Mexico, and the possibility that they might get back together.

Logan Echolls

3. Amanda Seyfried’s success and the viewers she could bring in by appearing for a flashback to her days as Lilly Kane.

4. The Veronica Mars movie is already written, just not funded, from what I understand, and involves Veronica working for the FBI. The show could incorporate this material!
5. 90210 has been on way longer than necessary and the CW is in need of some fresh programming.


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