Celebrating Daria’s Return to MTV

Daria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I had to pick two fictional characters I’d want to be friends with, I’d choose Jessica Darling from Megan McCafferty‘s Sloppy Firsts series and Daria Morgendorffer from the MTV cartoon that aired from 1997-2002. Daria is disaffected, sarcastic and negative. She’s also hilarious and makes poignant observations about the world around her – her idiot classmates, overzealous school administrators, workaholic parents and airhead sister.

Today Lucky Magazine posted what may be my favorite blog post ever. Daria is being broadcast on MTV this summer and they made a slideshow of items you can wear to get her look. I have actually wanted to dress up as Brittany the cheerleader for Halloween for years but something always ruins my costume. The first year I planned on doing this I got laryngitis and not being able to speak in a squeaky voice really ruined the costume for me. I also spent hours researching how to get the exact color combination of Brittany’s uniform and it turns out that combination is only available as a custom order. And since I am not keen on overspending on Halloween costumes, it will probably never happen. It is also a lot more difficult to find the perfect pink bunny rabbit backpack than I anticipated. Who knew?

“Chyessss, slip out of that yacket and do a little runway sweetie!”

It took years of online petitioning for Daria: The Complete Series to finally be released on DVD. Before a few years ago you could only find the Daria musicals on DVD, but now you can watch seasons 1-6 on loop if you want to, and I often do. My favorite episode is “This Year’s Model“, when modeling scouts come to Lawndale high to recruit students.

Are you excited to watch Daria when it returns to MTV?


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Daria’s Return to MTV

  1. I loved this show when I was in high school. Mostly, I loved her sarcasm, I loved how she was against being popular this made her very relatable! On a side note, Brittany is a great Halloween costume idea. I won’t be missing an episode while they’re playing reruns. I have set up the timer on my DVR with the Dish Remote Access app., using my iPhone. I was excited when my Dish coworker suggested the download of the app. What a time-saver!


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