The Pursuit of Busyness

I knew I had found the perfect apartment in New York when I spotted the two built-in bookshelves by the window. I love to read and I figured that once I no longer had to commute an hour each way to New York, I’d have plenty of extra time to read. Fast forward to a year and a half later and my books were untouched. I wanted to read, but I never had time for it. I was just so busy.

Meghan Casserly at Forbes wrote an interesting article last month about the busy lives of millenials. “Being busy means you’re important, needed, valued. Time isn’t just money, it’s the red Jaguar, the Birkin bag and the private jet all rolled into one. Have no time? Honey, you’ve arrived.” Who among us hasn’t gotten the “busy” excuse from a friend or acquaintance — even if getting together was their idea? Sorry for taking three weeks to return your email. Sorry for not texting you back. Sorry for not calling you to hang out this summer. I’ve just been so busy.

Read the full article at Forever Twenty Somethings.

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2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Busyness

  1. Your post reminded me of an amazing boss I once had. He used to respond to the typical meeting-request question: “How are you placed this weekend?” by saying: “Horizontally!” 🙂


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