Flashback Friday: Middle School Awkwardness

MTV’s Awkward is one of my favorite shows, and I can definitely relate to the uncomfortable situations. There is one phase of life, though, that is more awkward than high school: middle school.

Passing Awkward Notes

In middle school, in the land before time texting, all of the best gossip and conversations traveled via notes passed in class. If you had something juicy to tell your best friend or just wanted to chat, you would write it in a carefully folded note that must not, at all costs, fall into the wrong hands. If you had nothing to talk about, you could make a paper plane, tabletop football or a fortune teller. Notes were also a less risky way to ask your crush if they like you back or if they want to go to the dance with you: circle yes or no. Waiting to get that note back was torture.

Read the full post at Forever Twenty Somethings.


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