How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life

Once in a while, I’m unpleasantly surprised to find that I’ve been unfriended on Facebook. If the person is someone I’ve met once and will likely never see again, I don’t mind. Sometimes, though, I get unfriended by people I know well — people I will probably see again, and it feels like a digital slap in the face. In October, I read Joyce Wadler’s hilarious article, “Unfriending Someone, Before Facebook” in the New York Times. “I could not help but think how much better things were 50 years ago, when a relationship went south and you knew why,” she wrote. I immediately remembered the time in eleventh grade, before Facebook, when my close friend Madison* unfriended me.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


2 thoughts on “How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life

  1. I just love your blogs about online nekowrting. I recently unfriended someone on Facebook who sent me a What’s your favourite sexual position application which was preceded by Jane Doe’s favourite sexual position is ! What’s yours? That isn’t even something I discuss at a cocktail party!


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