20 Guilty Pleasures of a 20-Something

xoJane has a great post up today about guilty pleasures and it inspired me to come up with a list of my own. I already wrote how much I love cleaning my ears with a Q-tip in the comments (it’s so satisfying!), so here are 20 more. What are yours?

1. Talking to my best friend in a country accent.

2. The #fat cats tag on tumblr.


3. Disney Channel original movies.


4. Those coupons for free Victoria’s Secret underwear.

5. Watching Teen Mom and applauding my life choices.

6. Spending a Friday night catching up on my magazine reading.

7. Lizzie McGuire.


8. Flula.

9. Parmesan Goldfish.


10. Cheerleading movies.

11. Seinfeld reruns.

12. Charlie Brown holiday specials.

13. Imitating Beyonce’s dance moves… poorly.

14. The Princess Diaries.


15. Ryan Lochte.

16. Feeding seagulls at the beach.

17. Squeezing my pores. (DIY extraction facial!)

18. Degrassi: The Next Generation.

19. mittymoo’s impressions of his mother.

20. Acting out this gif from Legally Blonde.


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