An open letter to the jerk at the ATM

To the jerk behind me at the ATM:

When we both approached the ATM on the street today, you were openly miffed that I got there first and when I fumbled to get my wallet out of my bag  — which I am allowed to do, since I got there first. I briefly considered letting you go first since you had your card out, but I wasn’t getting a friendly vibe, so I didn’t. When I realized I hadn’t endorsed the check I wanted to deposit, your heckling me with “COME ON,” was rude and unwelcome. I was flustered and couldn’t find a way to exit without withdrawing money, which I did to speed things up for your impatient self.

After I went inside, endorsed my check and came out of the bank to get back on line to use the ATM, you were taking your sweet time with your transaction, after which you had the nerve to tell me that if I were to go inside to the counter they could “hook me up real quick.”

Oh, you mean you don’t like being heckled by the people behind you on line? Now you know how I feel!


Are you freaking kidding me?

If you like using the counter so much (which is NOT quick since you have to fill out a deposit slip) then why don’t YOU USE IT? I don’t need a random bonehead on the street telling me how to conduct my affairs. I resisted saying anything back to you because I would rather avoid a confrontation in favor of a cold stare, but I always think of something better to say after the fact. Something that would make you think twice about bossing around women on the street because you think you are SO much smarter than they are. I know that, in New York City, patience or even friendliness are not the norm or expected, but there is no need to be overly aggressive or rude for no reason. However, I have a feeling one day you’ll say the wrong thing to the wrong woman – a woman who probably won’t show as much restraint as I did.

You can dish it, but can you take it?




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