On My Radar: NYC’s First Cat Cafe, Workplace Jargon, Sundays, Is Gchat the Worst?


New York City’s first cat cafe: This weekend, Purina ONE set up NYC’s first ever cat cafe! On Saturday afternoon, the wait to get in was five hours long! Here I am with my new friend Valerie, who was loving the attention! See more pictures on my Instagram. The cats are all from the North Shore Animal League. There was also a line to visit with the cats in the NSAL adoption van, but if you’re in the city and want to get your cat fix, there are adoption events with other rescue groups every Saturday & Sunday at PETCO in Union Square, 86th & Lex and 100th & Columbus with no wait time! [Mashable]

As a 90s kid and once-very-devoted user of AOL instant messenger, I enjoy Gchat. I don’t like to talk on the phone, and Gchat is an easy way to communicate. A few weeks ago, I upgraded my cell phone, and for some reason, ever since then, I’ve gone invisible on Gchat to all but one person. I tried deactivating the Google Hangouts app on my phone, the Google Plus app, and nothing is working. The only forum postings I can find about this problem are from 2013 from angry Android users who want to go invisible in Google Talk, but can’t.

Going accidentally invisible doesn’t bother me that much. I can reach others, but I’m not reachable. It’s annoying to anyone who wants to communicate with me, but I have to wonder: is Gchat invisibility the worst thing in the world? Here’s an article by Kate Bratskeir for The Huffington Post about the impact of Gchat on our productivity. [The Huffington Post]

Update: I figured out why I’ve been invisible on Gchat. When I had the Google Hangouts app running, I’d get a text every time I got a chat, and I had “muted” my three most frequent contacts. I thought it would fix the text issue, but it just made me invisible to them. To fix it, I converted my chats to hangouts, unmuted, and converted back.

Why Workplace Jargon is a Big Problem: Maddie Crum explains why these overused and empty phrases are the cliches of the business world and a pet peeve of mine. I feel like this would make a great Seinfeld episode. Someone who uses the term “low-hanging-fruit” in a meeting should have to clarify exactly what he means. There’s no fruit, and it’s not hanging, so that should be interesting. Can you explain exactly what you’re doing when you hit the ground running as you are neither running nor hitting the ground? Seriously, stop. [The Huffington Post]

Soaking Up Sunday: Levo League’s Maxie McCoy explains how to make Sundays the best ending and beginning of your week. [The College Prepster]



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