Link Roundup: The Olsen twins, Grace Coddington’s Lunch with the FT, Work BFFs, and Asking for a Mentor

English: Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen atte...

The Olsen twins appeared on Ellen to promote their new perfume. They cannot tell each other apart as babies. []

Also, see the inside of the new apartment Mary-Kate just purchased with Olivier Sarkozy in Midtown. It has its own garage. [Harper’s Bazaar]

Grace Coddington had lunch with the FT’s Vanessa Friedman. North West did not cry once during the Kimye photoshoot. [Financial Times]

Lilit Marcus helps navigate the work-BFF relationship. Tip: honesty is key. [Teen Vogue]

In a relatively short blog post, Tucker Max explains the right and wrong way to ask for advice/a job/a mentor. Reading these sample emails will give you a good idea of how to (or how to not) ask for something from a person you admire. One got a response, one didn’t. []



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