Link Roundup: A Makeup Experiment, An Amazing Catfish Moment, White Plains’ Unique Personality

Nev Schulman and Kidd Cole cell phone

Fun fact: Bestselling author Sloane Crosley and I are both from White Plains, New York! In this essay, she talks about the city’s “unique personality”: “The pizza on Mamaroneck Avenue, the castle-like middle school, the Irish pubs, the strange mix of housing projects and massive private homes, the multiple malls, the golf courses we used to sneak onto, the student parking lots we used to sneak out of…it was all specific to us.” Second fun fact: no one I met at college thought it was normal for a high school to have security guards. [Westchester Magazine]

College student Brinton Parker did an experiment with makeup by recording how people responded to her while barefaced, wearing natural makeup, and wearing heavy makeup while going about her daily routine. The results weren’t surprising, but I’m glad someone has finally un-scientifically documented this and proved that my perceptions of being treated differently with more makeup on are not just in my head. [Bustle]

On last week’s Catfish, Nev and Max track down a scam artist named Kidd Cole, and he blows them off by pretending to text on his phone. In the most amazing moment of reality TV ever, Nev takes the phone and tosses it over the bridge and into the water, and audiences everywhere, if they’re anything like me, picked our jaws up off the floor and applauded. How is this guy even paying for a cell phone plan? [Tumblr]


This little girl asked for donations to the animal shelter instead of birthday gifts! So sweet. [New Rochelle Humane Society Facebook Page]



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