How to Make Time for Reading

Book Snake
Book Snake (Photo credit: cogdogblog)


Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, but during my first few years living in New York City, I found that I was hardly reading at all, except for when a new book came out in a series I was already following. I’m always hearing about new (and old) good books to check out, so a few years ago I resolved to spend more time reading. First, I cleaned up my Amazon wishlist and checked out the recommendations. Then, I put some books on hold at the library, so when they came in I would have to go to pick them up and have read them by their due date. It doesn’t always work, but it sometimes does.

Even though I still feel overwhelmed by how much I would like to read vs. how much I actually do read, I’ve noticed a few things that have helped me to read more:

Get in bed before your bedtime. Sometimes you’ll end up falling asleep, sometimes you’ll end up reading.

Use an e-reader. For some reason, I find I have been reading faster since I’ve been downloading books vs. reading paper books. It’s a personal preference, but an e-reader is lighter to carry.

Read on your lunch hour. Find a comfy spot!

Read during your commute. It seems obvious, but a lot of people just play on their phones or send texts. I have a solid half hour to read twice a day, and it adds up. Audiobooks also work well, especially on road trips.

Join Goodreads. There’s something really satisfying about being able to update my reading progress on a book, even if no one sees it, and no matter how small. Goodreads is the MapMyRun of reading. (Find me here).

Sometimes I get annoyed when I’m gushing about a book to a person who says that they just don’t have time to read. -side eye- And although even I often wonder how book reviewers and bloggers manage to read so much, I came across an blogger who gets exactly how I feel. April’s post at Good Books and Good Wine has several useful tips for reading as well. So do the comments. Dude, You TOTALLY Have Time To Read


What are your tips for making time to read?



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