#ManicureMonday: Is Rouge Louboutin Worth the Money?

rouge louboutin nail polish
Rouge Louboutin, $50.

The good news: Christian Louboutin has launched a beauty line that includes “Rouge Louboutin,” the same fiery red used on the signature soles of Christian Louboutin shoes.

The bad news: It’s $50 per bottle, and it’s backordered everywhere! Don’t ask me how I know this. OK, I was going to buy it as a birthday gift for someone who I know would appreciate it very much. (No, I do not mean myself, my birthday is in June).

Cheryl Wischhover at Fashionista.com tried it and reports: “You can definitely get away with one coat, so if you’re a “classic red” type of lady, you could really stretch that $50 bottle into a lot of wears.” She also mentions that the polish didn’t chip until the fifth day of wear with short nails.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the rave reviews at Sephora.com: 43 five-star reviews and a mere THREE one-star reviews. I’m not sure I’d buy this for myself. The most I’ve spent on nail polish is $23 on a bottle of Chanel, and even that is pushing it, although I do love my Chanel colors.

What do you think of Rouge Louboutin?



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