Kimberly’s Burn Book: Ringtones that sound like a landline

Welcome to Kimberly’s Burn Book, a feature in which I complain about things that annoy, irritate, or frustrate me. (We have a lot of ground to cover.)

746 Phone - Red

I wish there was a polite way to tell a stranger that his or her ringtone is supremely irritating and should be changed. What is the deal with landline ringtones? That BRRRRINGGG… BRRRRRRIIIINGGG… It’s so obnoxious!

Maybe it’s because I find the landline-ring-as-ringtone particularly irritating, but it seems like everyone who uses this ringtone can never find his or her phone when it is ringing. Don’t be this person: the one person whose phone goes off during a movie, wedding ceremony, important lecture, etc. The offending person digs through their bag, and digs and digs and the ringing gets louder because the phone is nearing the surface of the bag, and everyone around them is thinking WILL THEY JUST SHUT OFF THEIR PHONE ALREADY? Landline-ring-as-ringtone users are almost always this person.

Landline ringtoners (I’m shortening the nickname) also tend to talk on their phones in public just as loudly as their phones ring. Is it so much to ask that more people adopt text messaging and cut down on noise pollution? I know it’s not realistic to expect silence in public places like parks and stores, but these extraneous conversations can be such a nuisance sometimes. I was in the store today and one woman whose ringtone grated my ears was loudly spelling her email address over the phone (another pet peeve of mine), but admitted she “wasn’t great at checking it.” To quote Simon Cowell’s response to William Hung’s declaration that he had no professional vocal training“Well, there’s the surprise of the century!” I know it must sound like I’m describing someone who is at least 70 years old, but this woman didn’t look older than her mid forties.

That loud ring is like an alarm bell, warning unsuspecting passers by that they are about to be subjected to an inane and irritating conversation. Even the simplest of flip phones offer multiple ringtone choices, many of which are less intrusive to your neighbors. For the love of everyone around you, please pick one. Better yet, put your phone on vibrate.




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