Why Can’t More People in Fashion be Like Kelly Cutrone?

We’ve never met, but I feel like Kelly Cutrone gets me. Since I first saw her on MTV’s The Hills, I’ve admired and applauded her no-filter approach to working in the fashion business. Her best-selling books, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside and Normal Gets You Nowhere are an extension of her straight-talking, career-focused brand, and I can’t get enough of her projects.

I’m particularly drawn to people who have no filter. I find them more interesting and entertaining than regular people because they’re not afraid to be honest. I was born with no filter. When I was little, I apparently told a man with a cleft chin that his chin was “in two pieces.” /cringe. Luckily, he was a good sport about it.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve (thankfully) developed a filter and learned that saying exactly what I think isn’t always a good idea. Why? It’s not always polite, but more importantly, outspoken women aren’t always rewarded for it. So, when I saw Kelly Cutrone interviewing Stephanie Pratt for a position at her PR company and Stephanie revealed that her ultimate goal was to design handbags and Kelly responded, “so you basically want to use my experience, my clients, and their inside knowledge to ultimately leave here,” I was like, I need some popcorn because this just got interesting.

Most recently, Kelly stars in The Kelly Cutrone Project on CW Seed, which features behind-the-scenes interviews with prominent fashion designers. She recently said this of a pair of designer shoes: “This shoe says, ‘I’m rich and I dont wanna fuck you and I don’t really care about your opinion.'”

I wish more people in fashion and magazine jobs were this honest. While your average editorial assistant who is likely earning around $30,000 will portray the glamorous city life and high-end clothing on Instagram, Kelly is at the other end of the spectrum, explaining the breakdown of her $1M salary as a New York City resident – and how it doesn’t go that far. For young women planning their career paths in New York, this kind of unfiltered information can be incredibly valuable.

Catch The Kelly Cutrone Project on CW Seed.


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