Pink Friday: It’s October 3rd. Happy Mean Girls Day!

Welcome to Pink Friday, a feature in which I share my favorite pink things. 


Like any stereotypical girl in her twenties, I love Mean Girls and anything to do with Mean Girls. Today, October 3rd, is National Mean Girls Day because Cady Heron tells Aaron Samuels that it’s October 3rd when he asks what day it is, solidifying their forever love… or not.

Here are some of my favorite Mean Girls-inspired items, mostly from Etsy, and memes. You can follow my Mean Girls Everything Pinterest board and see my Regina George Halloween costume from last year over there as well! I also wrote a 5 Career Lessons I Learned From Mean Girls post here.

get in loser we're going shopping

regular mom cool mom card

Regina george necklace

mean girls bracelet

mean girls quote print


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