Pink Friday: Prada Nylon Tote, Inspired by Sharpay Evans

Welcome to Pink Friday, a feature in which I share my favorite pink things.

A few years ago, I was buying a neon pink Marc by Marc Jacobs bag at Barneys. “This color is very in-your-face,” remarked the cashier. I laughed and said, “I’m very in your face.” My best friend still teases me for that. However, as someone who wears a lot of black, I think there’s something special about a brightly colored handbag.

Ashley Tisdale/Sharpay Evans
Ashley Tisdale/Sharpay Evans

Ashley-Tisdale-as-Sharpay-Evans said it best in High School Musical:

“Fetch me my Jimmy Choo flip-flops/Where is my pink Prada tote?
I need my Tiffany hairband/And then I can go for a float.”

This season, Prada has made the ultimate pink tote.

Pink Prada tote, $830.

The term “pop of color” is overused in fashion writing, but I do think that’s what this tote is. “I need something inspiring to help me get along/I need a little fabulous; is that so wrong?”






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