#TryPod: Here are some of my favorite podcasts


March is #TryPod month, a word-of-mouth campaign to expand the reach of podcasts. Lately I keep finding myself recommending or mentioning podcasts that I like to others, because it’s always nice to have another fan to discuss your favorite podcasts IRL. Here are some of my favorites. I should also add a podcast hack: I bought a waterproof bluetooth speaker so I can listen in the shower.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin.

After Serial, this was the first podcast I began listening to on a regular basis. Author Gretchen Rubin and her sister, TV writer and producer Elizabeth Craft, share try-this-at-home tips, interviews and hacks to help their listeners create a happier life. I also like the bonus mini-episodes on Monday mornings to start the week.

Radical Candor.

This podcast is part of Gretchen Rubin’s Onward Project family of podcasts. Kim Scott and Russ Laraway, co-founders of Candor Inc., share actionable advice for navigating relationship dynamics at work. New managers will find the insights particularly useful. Scott is also the author of the newly-released Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity.

Writing in Real Life.

Husband-and-wife team Barry Lyga, an author, and Morgan Baden, an author and publishing executive, discuss writing, publishing, parenthood and marriage. They share personal anecdotes and discuss evergreen and timely topics, touching on both the creative and business sides of writing, as well as books and articles they’re currently reading.

Magic Lessons.

Author Elizabeth Gilbert counsels listeners struggling with their creative work across storytelling genres. She also consults high-profile guests for their insights. The result is creative inspiration for both the counseled and the listeners. The episode with Brene Brown is among my favorites.

Lit Up.

Host Angela Ledgerwood interviews the authors of many highly buzzed-about books, delving into the personal experiences that have shaped and influenced their work. I particularly enjoyed the episode with Jami Attenberg about her new novel, All Grown Up, and the joint episode with Megan Abbott, author of You Will Know Me, and Marcy Dermansky, author of The Red Car.

Coffee Break w/NYWICI.

Career expert Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich hosts this New York Women in Communications podcast, interviewing women across communications-related industries and career stages who share actionable tips for success. I was fascinated by the episode featuring Liz Perle, who has worked at several major brands, including Instagram, and is now a digital strategist & consultant who specializes in teen trends & technology.

Cosmo Happy Hour.

The editors of Cosmopolitan.com and host Elisa Benson discuss a variety of topics, from child stardom to addiction to launching a side hustle. Celebrity guests have included Full House star Jodie Sweetin, Heidi and Spencer Pratt and Dolly Parton. A highlight: Candace Bushnell joined for an episode to discuss the story she wrote for Cosmopolitan.com about dating on Tinder.


This podcast is a great way to learn about how your favorite top journalist got his or her start in media and the backstories behind some of their most high-profile scoops. Jessica Pressler and Nancy Jo Sales shared what is was really like to spend time with Channing Tatum and Paris & Nicky Hilton, respectively, for in-depth profiles.

My Favorite Murder.

My coworkers introduced me to this podcast, which releases one regular and one mini episode each week. Fans of true-crime stories will love hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff’s humorous take on different reported cases, and can submit their “hometown murders” to be discussed on the show. (Full disclosure: I’ve given up on listening my way through the entire archive). What’s most impressive about this podcast is its cult following: a recent live event in New York drew an audience of several thousand, and MFM was recently featured in Entertainment Weekly.


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