Why Can’t More People in Fashion be Like Kelly Cutrone?

We’ve never met, but I feel like Kelly Cutrone gets me. Since I first saw her on MTV’s The Hills, I’ve admired and applauded her no-filter approach to working in the fashion business. Her best-selling books, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside and Normal Gets You Nowhere are an extension of her straight-talking, career-focused brand, and I can’t get enough of her projects.

I’m particularly drawn to people who have no filter. I find them more interesting and entertaining than regular people because they’re not afraid to be honest. I was born with no filter. When I was little, I apparently told a man with a cleft chin that his chin was “in two pieces.” /cringe. Luckily, he was a good sport about it.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve (thankfully) developed a filter and learned that saying exactly what I think isn’t always a good idea. Why? It’s not always polite, but more importantly, outspoken women aren’t always rewarded for it. So, when I saw Kelly Cutrone interviewing Stephanie Pratt for a position at her PR company and Stephanie revealed that her ultimate goal was to design handbags and Kelly responded, “so you basically want to use my experience, my clients, and their inside knowledge to ultimately leave here,” I was like, I need some popcorn because this just got interesting.

Most recently, Kelly stars in The Kelly Cutrone Project on CW Seed, which features behind-the-scenes interviews with prominent fashion designers. She recently said this of a pair of designer shoes: “This shoe says, ‘I’m rich and I dont wanna fuck you and I don’t really care about your opinion.'”

I wish more people in fashion and magazine jobs were this honest. While your average editorial assistant who is likely earning around $30,000 will portray the glamorous city life and high-end clothing on Instagram, Kelly is at the other end of the spectrum, explaining the breakdown of her $1M salary as a New York City resident – and how it doesn’t go that far. For young women planning their career paths in New York, this kind of unfiltered information can be incredibly valuable.

Catch The Kelly Cutrone Project on CW Seed.


Weekend in Cape May

Last weekend a group of us went to Cape May to celebrate my good friend Jess’ birthday. As a lifelong Cape Cod vacationer, I find myself comparing each beach town that I visit to the one I call home for two weeks out of every year. Cape May is unique in that nearly everyone seems laid-back. (Arriving around 5pm on a Friday, my initial thought was: Does anyone out here lounging on their porch have a job?)

On Friday night, we enjoyed live music at Carney’s and unintentionally crashed a reunion for the class of 1994.

We spent an afternoon and a half browsing the quaint shops for artwork, souvenirs and gifts. I picked up these peanut-butter covered pretzels for dessert at the Cape May Peanut Butter Company.

I picked up this banana toy for my cat, Dots, at Dog Days, a specialty dog store that also has a corner of items for cats.

This toy is bananas…. B a n a n a s!! 🍌 @gwenstefani

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Many of the stores carry great artwork, prints and inspirational quote cards that are perfect for decorating an office. I liked this one:

The Cape May Winery lets you sample six different wines for $6 and has a great selection of gifts for wine lovers. We enjoyed a delicious brunch at The Mad Batter without having to wait too long on line. There is usually a line down the street for a table!

Another fun place to go shopping is The West End Garage for handmade, vintage, antique and thrifted items.

If you visit, be sure to check out the beautifully colored victorian houses and Congress Hall (which also has shopping indoors, and pretty jewelry!). On October 11, there will be a Lima Bean Festival.


Pink Friday: Moschino’s Barbie Themed Collection for Spring 2015

moschino elle woods pink barbie spring 2015Welcome to Pink Friday, a new feature in which I share my favorite pink finds from all around the web. For more pink, follow my All Pink Everything board on Pinterest.

I stumbled on some interesting looking accessories in a snapchat by Lucky magazine Editor-in-Chief Eva Chen, so I checked out the recently-posted Moschino Spring 2015 fashion slideshow on Vogue UK for myself. I love what I see. The show was Barbie-themed and, according to the review, “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, one of the monumental party anthems of my youth, was played as the models walked the runway.

My favorite look is the printed sweater tunic with “Moschino” printed in the classic Barbie font, with the head-to-toe Elle Woods look coming in a close second. Obviously, there isn’t anywhere I could actually wear these clothes, but a little fashion fantasy never hurt anyone. Moschino Barbie theme spring 2015


Photos from Vogue UK.